Park Lane Practice

Social Prescriber and Well Being Co-ordinator

Our Social Prescriber is here to help and support our patients with any non clinical needs. Social Prescribers are not medically trained and therefore cannot give any advice regarding conditions, symptoms, diagnoses or medication. If you are looking for medical advice you must phone the practice on 01793 523176

What support could be offered?

Our Social Prescriber can offer support and sign posting with the following –

  • If you are struggling with loneliness or social isolation
  • Achieve healthy lifestyle choices to live well and more independently
  • Access community groups or find local services
  • Find new hobbies and learn new skills including accessing music, arts, crafts or gardening groups
  • Support with finances and sign posting
  • Get back into or accessing work
  • Find volunteering opportunities
  • Access bereavement support
  • Gain support with other life changing events (i.e. moving house, retirement, births)

How could you benefit from Social Prescribing?

  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem
  • Be more social
  • Meet new people and gain a sense of belonging within the local community
  • Support your mental wellbeing and quality of life
  • Gain independence and be able to feel more confident when out and about
  • Learn a new skill or find a new hobby
  • Be more active

How it works

You can contact our Social Prescriber using the methods below.

They will then make contact to arrange an appointment with you and your appointment will be strictly confidential, non-judgmental and casual. The session is a get to know you session and allows you to outline what you want to achieve and set goals.

Who is my local Social Prescriber?

Park Lane Practice’s Social Prescriber is April

This service is free and available to anyone at a time that suits you. You can call the practice directly on 01793 523176 or complete our form below

Access our Social Prescriber

This form is for patients to complete if they wish to access our social prescriber, it is important to know our social prescriber is not clinical and therefore cannot deal with any clinical issues. Any submissions made in which are to request prescriptions, a GP appointment or phone call from a GP will not be actioned.

Please include first name and surname
Please enter in the format of DAY/MONTH/YEAR
What can our social prescriber help with?(Required)
Please use the tick boxes to select what you would like to contact our social prescriber about. If the problem is not listed please phone the practice directly to ensure this is the correct pathway for you.

Date published: 4th April, 2022
Date last updated: 4th April, 2022