Park Lane Practice

Children’s Clinic – Swindon Health Centre

Every Saturday until February 2024 

 To support with increased demand on paediatric services at Great Western Hospital, a Children’s Clinic will be run by primary care every Saturday until February 2024, starting on Saturday 2 December.  

The Clinic will run from the Swindon Health Centre on Islington Street and will be by appointment / referral only. Patients are not able to walk in.  

The Clinic will run from 9am – 5pm every Saturday and there are 56 appointments available per day.  

Clinicians should consider referrals for under 17s with respiratory symptoms.  

 How to refer 

 Clinicians can refer to the Children’s Clinic via 07707 374202 

Referrals will be made from NHS 111, GPs or the Clinical Navigator based in the Urgent Treatment Centre at Great Western Hospital.  Clinicians should refer children with respiratory symptoms or conditions. Please consider whether any of your paediatric patients could be seen at the Children’s Clinic.  patients could be seen.